Sexual tips from celebrities (2)

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, even more so if it’s about their personal life. At Pasionis, from time to time we bring you sexual tips from the most well-known celebrities, just as we did on this post. Discover how is sex for Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga or Kate Moss.

–  Don’t tie yourself down and have fun with different partners – Rebel – La rebelde Lindsay Lohan has said in many occasions that she loves sex: “I hate to sleep on my own and I like to be in different relationships. I’m not a crazy addict, what I mean is that I enjoy having sex”. Lohan believes in experiencing without being promiscuous, and Angelina Jolie has also declared that she loves sex, she has even joked about how she would love to be with every person in the world.

–  Look for inspiration – At Pasionis we always encourage you to watch erotic videos to get ideas and relive them with your partner, and Cameron Diaz and Katie Holmes also agree. These actresses have confessed that they like porn and that sometimes it can be really fun.

–  Be sexy and provocative – We know that men can get horny by just looking, so what they see is very important. Jessica Alba is very clear on that sense and she knows how to make the most out of herself: “Men are aroused through what they see, what makes them easily manipulated: you just have to dress in a sexy way”.

–  Don’t be shy, dare to try everything – Sex is most enjoyable when you leave your embarrassment behind and when you’re capable of talking to your partner about what you really like. Famous singer Katy Perry has her own secrets, but they’re not about being embarrassed: “I have secrets and magic tricks, of course, but I cannot share them because then everybody would know them. I’m only gonna say I’m not shy”.

–  Use sex toys – If sex itself is already wonderful, imagine what you can achieve with complements and extra stimulation. At Pasionis we always recommend you to take a look at the products from the Sexshop, there are all kinds of toys to enjoy on your own or with your partner. One of the most popular faces in the world of fashion, Kate Moss, is also all about including sex toys in her relationships. According to the top model, “they’re a source of pleasure”.

–  Safe sex – First of all, we can only really enjoy and get swept away by sex if we don’t have to regret it or worry about it later. If you want to truly have fun with sex, it’s important to use protection. If you don’t want to listen to us, do it for Lady Gaga: “Use protection. Otherwise, you’re playing Russian roulette”.

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